CART - Exhibition Proposal & Curation

Fishten put out a call inviting small Canadian design studios to submit communications work related to the arts. The submissions took the form of; publications, catalogues, books, pamphlets, packaging, identities, brochures, etc. During the selection process a focus was placed on choosing artifacts which were innovative and unusual both conceptually and visually. Successful entries posed technical questions, they played with the notion of communication, used unusual materials, had unique binding methods, and were multifunctional, or worked creatively in the zone between communication vehicle, subject and design.

The exhibition sought to play a role in elevating the status of contemporary design by presenting a selection of works in a professional gallery setting. CART's intention was to provide a forum to discuss the role of design. Canadian design talent was showcased providing inspiration for designers and artists alike. A joint curation project between Fishten and Joanne Marion, (Curator of Art). The exhibition first appeared at the Medicine Hat Museum & Art Gallery (now Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre). CART later moved to The Works Festival in Edmonton.

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