Efflorescence & Id - Exhibition Catalogue

A fabric cover with embroidered typography and stitched binding using two different coloured threads all make this art catalogue unique, memorable but more importantly appropriate. The artist Catherine Heard intricately embroiders dolls with flower-like pocks that appear to grow and spread like a disease. The embroidery on the cover parallels this stitching aesthetic but also serves to title this book. The interior typography in the front half of the book also mirrors these floral pocks or rashes slowing growing throughout the essay.

The book is divided into two sub-books; accessible through either the front or the back (front) cover. The flip side of the book has a dark brown printed and embossed tyvec cover resembling the darker id-side of the exhibition. The tyvec paper when printed mottles and thus resembles a furry fabric. The entire book was stitched together using white and brown threads to represent both sides of the exhibition.

Shown at the Medicine Hat Museum & Art Gallery (now the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre).

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