Name Paintings - Exhibition Catalogue

“My concern is to have as little other effects in the catalogue. Minimal, as if it is like the white gallery space, since this is the location that the work was originally made for... I would be very interested in having a possible ratio-scale between the paintings and the repros. This way the function of the installation will be present within the catalogue.” Thoughts by the artist, Gary Spearin about the direction for the catalogue.

A white on white typographic concept was chosen to mimic the architecture within a gallery. Images would be the only elements in colour, reproduced at a scale of 1:12. Light, shadow, dimension and space were created by the use of grey ink, clear foiling, gloss varnish and blind embossing. Hierarchies were developed by mixing special effects together to create coded information, a concept inherent within the artists’ paintings.

Shown at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Kelowna Art Gallery and Medicine Hat Museum & Art Gallery (now the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre).

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