Retrouver - Exhibition Catalogue

Featuring over a decade of diverse sculptural and installation art by Laura Vickerson. Visceral beauty and delicate decoration are central strands in the exhibition Retrouver (which means to find again or rediscover). Textiles, tactility, texture, and hand labor/sewing are the main “threads” pulled from Vickerson's work. Our mission was to create a delicate hand-crafted book that feels like a natural extension of the exhibition for which it was designed. An intricate sewing pattern from the artists’ work is die-cut into the cover. The books were sewn one at a time on an old sewing machine and presented in a cheesecloth bag. This enabled the reader to discover and rediscover the book at every viewing. Celebrating Vickerson's attention to labor and detail, the book complements her work without overshadowing it.

The exhibition was first shown at the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre.

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