Biennial Scam 2003 - Exhibition Catalogue

Small City Art Museums or SCAM, a six member curatorial collective tours shows to small Canadian prairie Art Galleries. This show featured works by Anna Scott, Wendy Peart, Valerie Hunter Cullen, Lynn Richardson, Suzanne Franks, John Noestheden, Jeff Nachtigall, Theo Sims, Myron Turner and Tammi Campbell.

The goal was to create a catalogue for the ten artist’s work (in color), include an essay and biographical information and give equal weighting to each artist. The edition run was small and the design and production budget smaller yet.

The design concept was based on a common link found between all ten artists: multiplicity and repetition. This is illustrated in the repetition of imagery and type throughout the book. To give the client and artists as much “bang for their buck”, a dust jacket doubled as a publicity poster for the show. The typeface used was a slab serif that embraced the Western Canadian aesthetic. These books were available at each venue’s opening and supplied to the artist for self promotion.

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