Souvenir - Exhibition Leaflet

The exhibition leaflet visually celebrates the artist Stuart Mueller's collection of souvenirs from various journeys around the world. It also incorporates an essay written about the work sympathetic to the same theme. The concept of souvenir was literally represented within the leaflet. The piece takes the form of an accordion folded set of souvenir postcards; perforated so each could be torn off and, if desired, mailed away. The concept of the postcard was reinforced visually through the use of layout and choice of typeface. Image titles and captions take the place of postal marks and required postage. The essay itself was written in an unconventional manner where the footnotes represented the bulk of the information. The footnotes become the essay while the essay itself ran through the postcards as a highlighted information thread. Type styles were chosen for Souvenir to reinforce the traditional postcard aesthetic.

The exhibition was first shown at the Art Gallery of Swift Current.

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