Wabi Sabi - Exhibition Poster & Catalogue

A Canadian and Japanese exhibition of contemporary Ceramics featuring work by Robert Frose, Yu Kobayashi and Kazuma Nakano. Shown at the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery.

All make-ready sheets used in the printing process were retained and overprinted with exhibition dates and information. These were then used as posters and catalogue wraps. Using the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi nothing was wasted in the production of this catalogue - a sustainable solution to the design problem.

All imagery was restricted to the small outer wraparound 'postcard' section with the rest of the catalogue devoted to the text. Extra postcards were printed in addition to the catalogue. These served the secondary purpose of promoting the artists work. The book was structured to read from back to front and right to left similar in structure to that of a Japanese publication. Fragmented typographic headings create the illusion of Japanese characters.

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